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            Contact us  
            Our group’s consistent high quality products and good services make our products sell well all over the world for years. Our Profession Sales Team can provide you good, circumspect services at any times and assist you to inquire various products’ information.

            Shijiazhuang Headoffice - International Marketing
            Tel: +86-311- 83610949, 66179662, 66179663,66179660,67905925, 83629706
            Fax: +86-311-83634221
            Email: sales@hongray.com.cn
            Shijiazhuang Headoffice - Domestic Marketing
            Tel:  +86-311-83625846 83982664
            Fax: +86-311-83612214
            Email: hongraynx@hongray.com.cn
            Add: 3973 SCHAEFER AVE, CHINO, CA 91710
            Tel: +1 (909)590-1611
            Fax: +1 (909)287-0373
            Email: info@hongrayusa.com
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